Moments that Matter Vol. 1

For 2017, I wanted to keep going with a weekly post to document and share the story of our boys with our family near and far. Perhaps even more important is that this blog keeps me up to date with shooting, uploading and editing images. I find it really easy to let editing slip away from me and once that starts it quickly snowballs. And then it’s just overwhelming!! I knew this already about myself, but my god I love routines.

This year’s title is courtesy of a photo challenge I am doing throughout  January called Moments that Matter. Rebecca is the mastermind behind the blog Simple As That and the Moments that Matter photo challenge. I can really relate to what she wrote on her blog,

As I continued to seek out photo opportunities, I began to see my life in clearer focus, and I gained a deeper sense of appreciation for the simple joys scattered throughout the average day.


Day 1 – Routine: Starting off the new year on a run with this guy. Moments for myself and routines for my family keep me sane! #whatwillidowhenthekidsdonotnap


Day 2 – Cozy: Finally asleep…his new big boy bed allows for a lot of distractions, namely climbing into his big brother’s bed and wrestling. Good thing Santa brought Mav’s Thomas the Train bedding, because he learned how to climb out of the playpen and the crib over the holidays.


Day 3 – Favourite: Biking is still a favourite activity for these two even though it’s winter! Santa brought Kane a pedal bike with two hand brakes, which also means Mav gets a big boy balance bike.


Mav wants to take the bike everywhere with him.


Day 4 – Mess: I missed the moment when Mav was dumping all of the duplo on the floor.


I’m told I’ll miss this when they grow up!

A final thought from Rebecca…

Together let’s hone in on the moments we truly want to hold on to and use our cameras as a tool that helps us see more clearly the things that matter most.

Interested in joining in? You could easily catch up, just join the Moments that Matter Facebook group.

2 thoughts on “Moments that Matter Vol. 1

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