This Week in Pictures Vol. 51

Getting to Victoria for Christmas was a bit of a disaster… below is a Facebook post written about 20 hours into our trip from Edmonton to Victoria.

taxiOn the 12th day of Xmas my true love gave to me…

– plane maintenance issues in Edmonton
– a missed connection in Calgary
– 2 late night babies in the airport hotel
– an early flight to Abbotsford
– a reroute into Vancouver due to fog
– 2 hours on the Tarmac with Mavrage
– an 11 minute flight back to Abbotsford
– the smallest (and most expensive) taxi to the ferry ever
And…I’ll let you know when it’s over… #wolfepacktravels #xmasadventure2016


The good news, you ask? 1) We didn’t have to wait more than 20 minutes for the ferry. 2) The ferry is actually my favourite part of getting to the island. 3) We made it to Victoria in time for Christmas! 4) How the boys’ faces lit up each time we saw all the family we made this whole crazy trip to see. 5) And due to Harrison’s strongly worded email to Westjet we have credit towards our next trip.

The first montage is from actual Christmas morning at Grandma Jeannie’s house with Cole and Mason. Mav was pretty excited about getting big boy boxers!

Christmas part two was on Boxing Day at Nana Cheryl’s house in Cowichan with all of my siblings. Kane was very happy to be documenting the events. He is getting pretty good at getting people in the frame, except when Mav slaps at him. Mav, however, generally takes selfies of his nose or abstract shots of the ceiling.

And a little throwback to Calgary Christmas with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Carey a few weeks ago. My favourite photo from this season may actually be Mav in time out. He has the biggest tantrums while opening presents. It’s definitely a detail I want to remember but I’m really hoping this stage is over by next year…between birthdays and Christmas I don’t think I can take all the Mavrage!

We love spending time with all of our family… but I have a feeling next Christmas will be spent at home!

One thought on “This Week in Pictures Vol. 51

  1. Your Mum just finished showing me these pics – pretty fabulous as always. I think you are pretty awesome for how you deal with the ups and downs of it all!! Good on you and have a great New Year!!

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