Voluntography – November 2016

I met Jenn, her  two year old son, Bently, and her ten year old daughter, Hailey, at Ronald McDonal House when I came to talk about how to photograph your kids in or out of hospital. My Families Who Photograph talks are usually offered once a month and I find this is how I meet many of the families that I end up photographing for RMHCNA. Jenn was open to photographing in their room and it turned out to be the perfect place to capture some of this family’s holiday spirit. We set up our shoot for a weekend when Jenn’s husband, Chris, was visiting from Clandonald, Alberta.

Jenn and her family are staying at the House while they await a surgery date for Bently, who was born premature and has since been diagnosed with a rare narrowing of his airway.

It’s pretty obvious these two siblings have a pretty special bond! To read more about this family or how Ronald McDonald House supports families check out their post The Warren Family.


Bently is the resident fish feeder at the House right now. Keep up the good work Bently!

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