This Week in Pictures Vol. 44

Last weekend we were supposed to head down to Calgary to hang out with some family, but somebody got sick (bet you can tell which one by the state of his nose!) So this is some of what our Saturday looked like, while Daddy was hunting.

Morning bike ride to get mom a coffee. Kane is so proud of his balancing. He was sure to tell me to watch as he pulled his legs up and rode by over and over. Plus he’s stoked that he gets to wear his cowboy boots because it’s the weekend. So proud that both boys know to stop at the alleys and look both ways. Now we just have to work on Maverick crossing the street rather than sitting in the middle until I pick him up bike and all, which ends in a standing Mavrage.

Then sushi with these two clowns. Matt, they sure love those chopsticks

One of Maverick’s other current other favourite test mom’s patience moves is to climb up on the island and glare at me.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Pictures Vol. 44

  1. Kristy I love this maple leaf picture in fact it has helped me solve a quilting dilemma. I have been playing with a maple leaf quilt and trying to decide whether to town it down with pale colours, or brighten it up with brights. I now know what I am doing lighter it is.

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