Life is Why

A while ago, I somehow came across a documentary trailer called The Gift. I forwarded it to myself  because it really stood out to me and I knew I wanted to address it more widely at a later date. If you didn’t watch the trailer yet scroll back up and watch. Because, I assume, if you are reading this blog you are either following my voluntography, my entries about mental health or just like to keep up with what my little family is up to. So here’s what I’m up to…I just registered as a future organ donor. It honestly took me less than 5 minutes. I’ve always known I wanted to donate my organs, but I never got around to actually registering. Well now it’s done and if you are interested in registering for organ donation in the future I strongly suggest taking a few minutes so that your wishes are clear. And while I was at it I registered to donate blood.

Through my photography and through Kane’s hospital journey I have met many children who have needed or are in need of a transplant. Some of the get them, many don’t. This is life and death. Kane required blood transfusions during his open surgery and I can only assume as the mom of boys that we will need more blood in the future!

If anyone knows how to book the blood bus to come to an event let me know.



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