Guest Photographer: Wolfe Pack 2016

So I’ve decided to invest in family photos every two years. Because I think it’s important. Because I want to be in photos. Because I want my boys to see me in photos. Because I like having them up around my house. And because I feel that sharing the amazing skills of other Edmonton photographers benefits everyone in the photography community.

I lucked in to meeting Gin of Gin Quist Photography when our original maternity shoot for Mav went off the rails. I’ve included a couple of my favourites from our original session below. You can check out the backstory and more of those photos in my 2014 post, My Turn.

Now to Fall 2016. Kane is still wearing cowboy boots, Indy is still a playful lunatic, Edmonton is in the midst of another beautiful autumn transition. But now we have the little “rebel” to add to the mix!


Again, Gin handled us beautifully. She was calm when my kids were running in two different directions. She got out of the way when Indy came up from the river and shook off. And she didn’t complain about the mosquitoes that were attacking us as though they had never seen people before! In fact she even went so far as to clone them out when editing!

Thank you so much Gin. I can’t wait to order a new collage wall to display these, but how am I going to choose!?!


This one will be in there for sure!

Hopefully, we can manage to sneak a coffee date before our 2018 photo session. But we’ll definitely be back for more!

PS If you missed it above here are links to Gin Quist Photography’s website and Facebook page.

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