This Week in Pictures Vol. 32

We’re on our way home from our big trip. We spent the last week at Priest Lake, but before we got there we made a stop at the mining museum in Butte, Montana. Unfortunately, the boys were too young to go on the underground mine tour, but it was a pretty cool pit stop regardless.

At each of our big stops Kane picked out two postcards; one for himself and one for Maverick. Kane would tell me about his favourite part of the day and I would decide for Maverick what he seemed to enjoy the most…generally collecting and carrying rocks!

Then it was on to Klahanee to hang out with family and frogs.

One of my favourite stories from the cabin was when all the boys were watching the dad’s removing a stump. The little audience had a bag of chips for the event, but Mav obviously felt that two handfuls of chips wasn’t enough!

Thankfully, the sun came back out for our last few days and then there was a fair amount of time spent preparing for fishing.



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