This Week in Pictures Vol. 30

Meet DOG!


Last week Mav carried DOG! with him everywhere he went while we were up at Cowichan Lake. So on our last day at the lake I documented a Day in the Life of DOG!

After an already packed morning Mav and DOG! headed down to the beach for 27 more activities!

During nap time DOG! gets put on the Nana’s dresser. As soon as Mav’s awake again he’s pointing and calling for, you guessed it, DOG!

Mav and DOG! were busy again until…

Did you notice that DOG! did not make it back up to the cabin? Mav handled it pretty well and, luckily, Uncle Steve was able to make the big rescue the next day.

REUNITED! And big kisses for his hero!


Thanks for having us Nana. Take care of DOG! until I come back.

Love Mav (and DOG!)

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