This Week in Photos Vol. 28

Stampede 2016 involved lots of little boys in cowboys boots and hats. Possibly Kane’s favourite event of the year!

Mav does not enjoy wearing a cowboy hat or cowboy boots. Or for that matter a police helper badge.

The images I didn’t manage to catch were him trying to rip the badge off his shirt and then giving it back to the police officer!


But all in all, Mav had a great time. Every time he saw a horse he yelled and pointed. As you can imagine there was a lot of yelling!

As for me, I am loving my new dream lens (Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art), which all of these were shot with. I used it for an in-hospital session last night and it was perfect, better than perfect. It’s just too bad my 24-70 had to take a tumble in order for me to get to The Camera Store and take the plunge on it.

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