This Week in Pictures Vol. 27

Canada Day and the 4th of July were spent with a bunch of Harrison’s family at the cabin in Priest Lake, Idaho. The weekend was packed with the usual summer fun, just with a lot more cousins!

Early mornings in the cabin and projects with Tia.

Boat rides involving waterskiing, jumping off Indian Rocks, naps, ice cream at Elkins and what’s a boat ride without a Mavrage in a lifejacket?

Hanging at the cabin.

And another project this one run by Jennifer.

The boys

Another ice cream trip and then up to the lookout for a selfie session with some of the big kids!

Here’s what else I did while my kids were napping…


Back at the cabin for more cousin shenanigans and a s’mores session complete with your friendly neighbourhood s’more guard/begger.

The majority of Barb Wire’s 4th generation recreating, with moderate success, a family shot from years ago.

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July! Let’s do it again next year. And thank you to those people that picked up my camera and got a few shots with me in the frame.

Okay one last one, because it’s so cute!


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