This Week in Pictures Vol. 26

This was a big week. Not only because it marks the halfway point in this year’s personal project, but also because there were a lot of big events.

Monday was our end of season soccer party and my first chance to slide out of my coaching roll in order to get behind the camera.

On Saturday we headed over to City West Childcare‘s Community Expo. City West is where Kane and Maverick go for daycare. This is the first time we’ve been around for this event. Kane got the perfect tattoo, showed off his yoga moves and had a long discussion about fire trucks. Mav was wary of the petting zoo animals, though he liked the ducks from afar. He also LOVED the ice cream!

On Sunday we spent the morning at RMH’s block party, listening to music, playing games and, you guessed it…eating ice cream. You can check some more shots from the block party here.

Mav got lots of Auntie Chelsea time on Sunday because she came over after and gave him his first haircut.

Cute Mav!

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