This Week in Pictures Vol. 20

This weekend was busy!


Kane and Mav loved celebrating Amalea’s 2nd birthday. I learned that Mav golfs like Mom!

Then home to play on our trampoline with friends. The boys, including Dad, love playing on the trampoline, while I have a small panic attack every time I look at it.

On Sunday, I headed back to Sherwood Park to celebrate Baby Eric’s shower.


On Tuesday we were back at the Stollery Children’s Hospital for Kane’s ear tube surgery.


For a little something different I tried to take more of my shots from Kane’s perspective. There are still a few with Kane that I couldn’t resist putting in, even one shot by Dad with Mom in the frame!

These were some of the things that grabbed Kane’s attention when we were first getting checked into the Dayward.

To kill time we headed up to the Family Room to see the fish and read Kane’s new book.


We read through our book, Tubes in My Ears: My Trip to the Hospital (which I randomly found at my school library), one more time before we headed back to the operating room. Post surgery the camera didn’t even make an appearance because Kane had a bit of a rough go. But once we accomplished our mission of tracking down his pre-surgery wishes of having “pizza, a milkshake and donuts” when he woke up, things began to calm down and by 4:00 he was riding his bike to pick up Mav from daycare!

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