Voluntography – May 2016

Last week I met up with an Ronald McDonald House family who have recently relocated to Edmonton. As Madison, Cameron-Ray and their mom, Sandra, walked out of their apartment building to meet me I recognized them from an impromptu Mother’s Day shoot last year.


Here’s what Sandra had to say about the reason their family was at RMH.

My children and I have relocated away from our family in Grande Prairie since June 2015. It was a very hard move but since Madison’s medical has become more critical there wasn’t a choice. Madison had her first heart failure after contracting a strep blood infection in March 2013. She had her heart reconstructed and a pacemaker installed. Madison then went home for about 3-4 months and contracted a pneumococcal infection which brought on her second heart failure episode. They then implanted a L-VAD (left ventricular assistive device) to which she has been living on since. Madison is now listed for a heart after a very long crazy road for our family. RMH was our home for the past 8 months and has been our saving grace. We couldn’t have made it without them.”

During our session Madison wasn’t feeling great, so we decided to head back to their apartment and shoot some activities that they enjoy doing as a family.

As you have probably noticed, 8 year old Cameron-Ray was a bit of a ham!

Sandra described her family as courageous, strong, and loving. I saw this over and over again during our session.


This was shot right after Madison and I had bonded over iPhone photos. Madison, I wish you all the best and I’ll plan on introducing you to my heart warrior, Kane, at the RMH Block Party in June!

One thought on “Voluntography – May 2016

  1. Best wishes for good health, Madison. Sandra you are such a courageous mom. Cameron- Ray is surely keeping both of you laughing. Hugs

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