This Week in Pictures Vol. 17

Kane and I headed to the Stollery Children’s Hospital on Thursday for his bi-annual cardiology appointment.


Kane isn’t quite big enough for the automatic doors to recognize he is there.


There is a whole play area outside of the 4C2 waiting area, but once Kane saw the TV he was hooked.

Today was the quickest ECG ever! My little man must be growing up because he wasn’t wiggling all over the place. Though, as you can see, he didn’t love getting the stickers pulled off.

We had a little Treasure Life bead photo session while waiting for our cardiologist. At one point Kane was fishing with his chain. We began Kane’s Treasure Life chain in the NICU. Each bead represents a different procedure ranging from an echo to a blood test to heart surgery. The first time I posted pictures of Kane with his beads was in my post, My Heart Warrior, a few days after his heart surgery.

A little quality time with our cardiologist. And for those of you who follow Kane’s medical journey, his heart is doing well; still mild regurgitation through his quadricuspid aortic valve.



Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around to catch up on Kane’s beads, but he was adamant that we arrange his beads in a spiral like he saw on the poster.


See you in six to eight months 4C2.

P.S. Kane’s Zipper Club Member shirt can be found on Zulily.


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