This Week in Pictures Vol. 13

The final week of my 5 o’clock project coincided perfectly with our Spring Break trip to California.


March 25th: Airplane aisle playtime.


March 26th: Biker chat.


March 27th: Post pool chill time. The boys were mesmerized by Toy Story 2.


March 28th: Mav’s favourite things.


March 29th: This one finally took a nap!

March 30th: Side trip to Mission Beach in San Diego. The boys loved it! I particularly love Mav’s current favourite squatting pose.


Not part of my 5 o’clock project, but probably my favourite moment from this week. Kane was all about matching pictures to show me where he wanted to go during our trip to Sea World. I submitted this one to our collaborative group post.


March 31st: Back in Palm Springs with new Sea World pjs (and yes I was in the way of the TV)

See you in three sleeps, Daddy. We miss you and love you!


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