Voluntography – March 2016

Meet Jaxson. This beautiful little warrior was born in Moose Jaw on February 6th. He made his first trip to the Regina NICU within 6 hours of his birth and 11 days later he was moved to the Stollery Children’s Hospital here in Edmonton.


I love Jaxson’s hair! And he loves his superman doll which came from the Madden DeLuca Foundation.

Jaxson was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence which basically means that he has a very small jaw and chin which causes his tongue to obstruct his airway. He has had one procedure done to pull his tongue forward and his family are now waiting for a jaw surgery that will pull his jaw forward and clear his airway.

I met Jaxson’s parents, Katie & KC, when I was presenting a Families Who Photograph session at Ronald McDonald House recently. When they contacted me again, Katie mentioned that they were never able to do newborn photos, but they would like to be able to get some photos of them with their boys before Jaxson’s surgery.

Big brother Nixon even agreed to hold Jaxson for a few minutes!

When I asked Jaxson’s parents which words they would use to describe him they said: superman, handsome and sweet. I couldn’t agree more! Great to meet you Jaxson and good luck with your upcoming surgery.

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