Since my original Let’s Talk post about my dad, I have never once written the word suicide on my blog. Until today, I had not approved any comments that mentioned suicide. This was not by choice.

Recently, we received the coroner’s report. I should clarify that…more than a year after my dad passed away, we received the coroner’s decision. My dad’s death was deemed to be a suicide. Our family had speculated suicide. We have talked about it being a suicide amongst ourselves. We have talked about it being a suicide with people who were close to us. We did not talk about suicide openly, because insurance hung in the balance.

Now, the coroner has made their decision. The insurance cards will fall where they may. My dad died of suicide. Shitty, but true.

Thank you to all those people who responded to Let’s Talk with stories of their own family’s struggles with mental health and suicide. Thank you to all those people who responded with information about suicide support groups. I read each and every one of your comments at the time and shared quite a few of them with my family. Now they are available for anyone to read.

Suicide…I feel like I’m finally allowed to say it. Suicide…I plan to keep talking about it. Suicide…I hope you never have to deal with it.

But if you do…there are resources everywhere. In a quick google search, I hit on the Government of British Columbia’s Suicide Prevention Practical Tools page. It is linked through their Child and Youth Mental Health information, but many of the links have been sent to me separately and are appropriate for all ages. Take a look. Know how to do a risk assessment. Find local resources. Talk about mental health and suicide with your family and friends. Be direct.

In the fourteen months since my dad’s death, I have noticed a huge difference in the number of people and organizations talking about mental health. Is it because I’m paying more attention? I don’t think that’s all of it.

Thank you for continuing the conversation.

4 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Kristy,
    Thank-you for your very open and honest post. It takes a lot of bravery to be this transparent with such a delicate matter. Kudos to you.

  2. Kristy, Thank-you for this. This is how it should be… in order for out Governments etc. to acknowledge the problem of Suicide the statistics need to be correct. Too many Suicides are covered up as “Unknown Cause”.

  3. Dear Kristy, It is hard to talk about the big “S” word. For years my family talked about Mom’s fall rather than say the word suicide. You have helped me to be braver, Kristy and have helped me to address my own struggles with mental health. Keep strong and keep making a difference Girl! Thank you.

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