This Week in Pictures Vol. 11

This past weekend my 5 o’clock project got a little off kilter; I kept missing my hour window. So now I have my iPhone alarm set to remind me to make sure I get my shot. I should also mention that most of these shots were taken with my iPhone.

March 11th: Driving out to the mountains.


March 12th: Kane’s first ski school day. Mav enjoying Cole’s sled while he was busy skiing with his Dad. Baby Mason and I hanging out.


March 13th: Back on track with a 5 o’clock shot. This is also the photo I submitted for our collaborative post. The theme was frame within a frame.


March 13th: Pushing Mav in the swing and getting the shot at the same time was more difficult then I expected.

March 14th: Grilled cheese, meatball soup and kiwi. Plus the floor cleaner standing by.


March 15th: Off to present to the new Cardiology Family Advisory Care Team.


March 16th: Wednesday’s workout at Healthy Rhino.

Still March 16th: Trying to Facetime Nana.


March 17th: Student led conferences at Mayfield. Thirteen of my twenty students showed up!

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