This Week in Pictures Vol. 10

Ten days into my 5 o’clock project and I am really appreciating how it’s made me commit to picking up my camera everyday. This is especially difficult  when I’m in the middle of report cards and partly explains my reasons for posting at the end of the week rather than daily. Actually, my biggest problem is deciding on a single winner each day!


March 4th: The red hockey stick has been causing a lot of tantrums in our house.


March 4th: Mav might just be the tougher of the two…or the more committed. 

March 5th: Boots and puzzles


March 6th: “My turn”

March 6th: See how hard it is to pick!!


March 7th: Death grip on the water bottle.


March 7th: Big boy car seat!! And Daddy kisses for Kane. 


March 8th: “If only these mittens had thumbs!”


March 9th: iPhone shot of mommy time.


March 10th: iPhone shot of the crew heading home from “work”.

To see one last image shot this week, which I chose to submit for my simultaneous collaborative group post, click the link.

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