This Week in Pictures Vol. 9

A couple of different projects going on this week because having two little kids and report card season just don’t add enough chaos to my life!! On the weekend the boys and I headed to the River Valley Zoo with our friends Maelle and Sabine. The boys were infatuated with toques, elephants and schnozzberries.

I love this last shot of Maelle with her new buddy who was checking on her after she tripped.

This month I’m also participating in fellow Edmonton photographer Kelly Marleau’s O’Clock Project. For the month of March, I have chosen to shoot between 5 and 6 o’clock each evening. I plan to post my O’Clock Project within my This Week in Pictures post because time is on short supply! So here are the first three days.


Shhhh, don’t tell anybody…this was actually taken on February 29th, but I’m counting it as March 1st since it’s a leap year.


March 2nd 


March 3rd

To see one last image, which I chose to submit for our shot from above collaborative blog post, click the link.

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