This Week in Pictures Vol. 8

I was away skiing last weekend on a mommy break (woohoo!!), so I had to find a time during the week to document our family. I figure years from now daycare pickup is going to be one of the every day moments I’m going to want to remember; Kane running down the hall to get “my baby”, Mav bypassing Kane for mommy hugs, and Kane preventing Mav from heading back to the walkalong toys.


Mav wasn’t feeling great that day and was soon laying on the floor, where Indy made sure he was okay.

Big thank you to my hubby, Harrison, for taking the boys all weekend so I could have my mental health break! Love you.


One thought on “This Week in Pictures Vol. 8

  1. Your reporting and chronicling is music to my ears and balm for my distance away. Thanks Come visit again soon ….. Grandmother Jean

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