This Week in Pictures Vol. 6

Look I made it in the frame!! Sunday morning I decided since it was my turn to be up with the kiddos that I was going to set up the tripod and capture a little of what our life is like. PS As you can probably tell Kane loves clicking the remote.

Mav thinks the self timer light is pretty awesome, too!  He got right up in front of the camera to watch it, which was perfect for my alumni group theme of layering. I also wanted to mention that Kane is wearing his “zipper club member” shirt in honour of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) awareness week. This little dude joined the zipper club in December 2014. Check out my post, My Heart Warrior, to learn more about his heart surgery.

And then we were off to West Edmonton Mall to get outfitted for Kane’s new favourite pastime…



We were a little too early for Sport Chek, but Mav was enthralled by what was going on at the mall!


And all my boys love a good book. 

Then for the main event, which was a big hit for all family members.

Even mom has a pair of skates now! A little birthday love.


From my little warriors to yours.

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