Voluntography – January 2016

I met Daelynn’s mom, Jen, at Ronald McDonald House in early January. I have recently started presenting to parents at RMH about how to photograph their kids, both in and out of hospital, and Jen happened to be the only mom who could attend that night. Lucky for Jen, because not only did she get a one-to-one presentation, but she also learned about my voluntography sessions and we set a date that night.


Little Miss Daelynn was born on November 26th, 2015 at 24 weeks gestation. She weighed just 1 lb 13 oz and was 13 inches long. When I met Daelynn she was 61 days old and 3 lbs 10 oz. Her parents, Jen and Darren, are so proud of how far their little warrior has come. She’s been able to overcome each obstacle that has been put in her path.

Daddy describes Daelynn as an adorable, strong-willed, fighter. I think her parents aren’t doing too bad, either!


Oh, NICU life.

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