Baby Dawson

Little Dawson decided he couldn’t wait to meet his parents, Kelly and Jason. He made his big entrance on November 26th weighing just 1lb 11oz. When I met Dawson he was 7 weeks old, had doubled his birth weight and was handling full feeds.


I loved all the books and other decorations Kelly brought into the NICU to make it feel just a little less institutional. I particularly liked the idea of a Wish Jar!

Below is a taste of what an afternoon looks like for this little family. I could totally relate to so many things, but my favourite moment was when Jason was skin to skin with Dawson and had the football game streaming. I wish I had gotten a shot like that of my husband, Harrison, and Kane.

When I asked Kelly and Jason to describe their little warrior they said Dawson was fiesty, sensitive and handsome. I couldn’t agree more. Best of luck with the huge tasks of feeding, breathing on your own and growing, Dawson!

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