This Week in Pictures Vol. 3

This week’s theme with my alumni group was Natural Light. Unfortunately, it was hovering around -24 degrees Celsius over the weekend, so my natural light images are all indoors. To see our collaborative blog post check out The Stories We Tell.

Being indoors didn’t stop Maverick from showing off his new moves!

Or from getting upset when he didn’t get the toy he wanted. Though he is pretty good at setting his sights on something new.

On Sunday, Daddy and Kane spent some quality time watching their Seahawks play.


This is one of my favourites from this week and the one I contributed to the group post. 

Once the work week, starts I don’t have any natural light time during the day with the kiddos, so the rest of the shots are with whatever light is available. And it’s easy to see what a difference natural light makes in an image.


Kane’s first night in his newest piece of body armour.


Freedom for the day.

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