Our Favourite Santa!

This morning we finally headed over to Southgate Centre for Santa pictures and guess who was there…Santa Francis, the Best Santa Ever!  Santa Francis is the man who stole my heart on our first Santa visit with Kane two years ago. Check out my original blog above.



It’s him!!


Look how much taller Kane is when you compare him to last year’s post Santa for Two. And little Mav was only 8 days old.


I was chatting with this Dad while we were waiting. He was telling me that he used to come visit Santa Francis when he was a kid!


This is his family.


Mav had his power nap and is ready for action.


Almost there!


And distracted.

Video courtesy of Nana Cheryl. Click on the full screen button to make it not so crazy looking!


This is exactly what my kids do with their hands when they’re nervous.


Oh no…don’t make eye contact!

That was as long as Mav lasted, but Santa and I had a good little chat about our last visit with him and I finally had the opportunity to thank him for putting us in touch with the Shriners. At this point, we haven’t needed to organize any appointments through the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal, but we have friends who have received support from the Shriners.


Kane made sure to tell Santa about his passion for Paw Patrol.


Love this moment.



Mav using his rather expressive face to tell me never to leave him with the Big Guy again.

Hope to see you next year, Santa Francis.


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