Week 48 of 52 – Gratitude

The above image is my submission to Clickin Moms for the 5th last week of my project 52.

As expected, the first couple of weeks back at school have been hectic. Thankfully, my mom was in Edmonton to celebrate Kane and Maverick’s birthdays and then to ‘Nanasit’ Maverick. Maverick was accepted t0 Kane’s daycare for December 1st, which meant we had a week of time to cover. Between school start up, a stomach bug, cuddling my babies, Christmas shopping and spending some time with my mom I didn’t even manage to pick up my camera! These shots were taken on my mom’s Nikon D5300 with her kit lens. She sent them to me today as jpegs so you are seeing them SOOC (straight out of camera). Not my usual style, but that’s the way it’s going to be this week. Thanks again momma!


Maverick loved spending time with Nana.


Kane even took a break from asking for Mommy’s help!


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