Voluntography – November 2015

Meet Cameron. This little warrior is 5 months old and when I met him he was just coming off sedation after a procedure in preparation for surgery the next day. His mom, Sarah, had also had a pretty rough day. But by the end of our time together we had gotten smiles from everyone!

Sarah wrote to me explaining that, “Cam was diagnosed as having something wrong with his abdominal wall at my 20 week ultrasound. We were sent to Edmonton and they diagnosed him as having gastroschisis and bilateral club feet. When Cam was born (at 36wks 6days) things were much worse. He had a ruptured omphalocele (his bowels were outside his body but should have been cover by a membrane but it ruptured, chloacal extophy (his bladder is exposed and in two pieces) and bilateral club feet. He had his first sugery the day after he was born. The surgeons put his bowels in a silo and started to repair his bladder but didn’t finish as it will be done later. Slowly his bowels were worked back into his abdomen but before they all went back the silo popped off and he had to go for closure surgery a week and a half after his first surgery. Six weeks later he went for his 3rd surgery to put his stoma in. A week later we fed Cam for the first time! 5ml every 3 hours. On August 19 we left the NICU after 70 days. We had a good week and a half, we were being prepped for discharge when Cam developed a bowel blockage and perforated bowel. He was sent to surgery at 2:30am Aug 31. Since then it has been a constant battle of trying to keep his ostomy output down and keep him gaining weight. He is on continuous feeds all day long with sodium added due to absorption issues.

When Sarah isn’t at the hospital with Cameron she is staying at Ronald McDonald House. Cameron’s dad, Travis, travels down from Dawson Creek at every opportunity to spend time with his family.

Cameron is described by Sarah as a tough, cheerful trooper. And by Travis, as happy and resilient. I’m so glad I was able to document some of their experiences in hospital.

I saw Cameron again a few days after his surgery and he was looking great. He has been at the Stollery since he was born and his family is looking forward to bringing home once he’s ready.

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