Week 46 of 52 – Do Whatever Makes You Happy

In the wake of recent world events our Clickin Moms Project 52 group leader decided to change her topic from whatever she had planned to “Show us whatever the hell is making you happy this week. We need it. Not to ignore…. to overcome.”

That very night I walked in to our bedroom after cleaning up from dinner to find my husband, Harrison, and our two boys wrestling. In our house a wrestling match is known as a dog pile (because our dog is often involved as well). These images make me happy and the giggles that come from both boys melt my heart. Maverick is now at the age where he totally wants to participate in Daddy and Kane’s tradition. Wk46-Happy-1Wk46-Happy-2Wk46-Happy-3


This is my submission to Clickin Moms for this week. I love that Maverick is trying to escape and Kane is about to get crushed by a pillow!

Wk46-Happy-5Wk46-Happy-6Wk46-Happy-7Wk46-Happy-8Wk46-Happy-9Wk46-Happy-10Wk46-Happy-11These images are particularly important to me this week as I get ready to go back to work on Monday. I’m going to miss hanging out with my little monsters : (

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