Fire Chief Wolfe & Monster Mav

We surprised Kane with a Fire Chief costume this morning. This is my version of a 90 second project (aka 4 minute project).

1030-FireChiefWolfe-1  1030-FireChiefWolfe-2
1030-FireChiefWolfe-3  1030-FireChiefWolfe-4


1030-FireChiefWolfe-61030-FireChiefWolfe-7 1030-FireChiefWolfe-8


And while Kane was off enjoying his Halloween parade at daycare, Monster Mav and I had some time to show off his ability to be in many different places over a short period of time! It was more like ten minutes rather than 90 seconds, but who’s counting.


1030-MonsterMav-12   1030-MonsterMav-13


1030-MonsterMav-2   1030-MonsterMav-1

1030-MonsterMav-15 1030-MonsterMav-17

Next on my to do list is a 90 second project with momma and both her boys.

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