Clickin Love

If you follow my blog, then of course you knew I was going to gush about Click Away once it was over! I am over the moon that I was able to attend. And since today is Canadian Thanksgiving, I want to say a big THANK YOU to my husband, Harrison. He is the one who surprised me with my first DSLR four years ago. He recognizes how important photography is to me and puts up with all the time I spend shooting, editing, and blogging. And he encouraged me to go on this trip. This was my first trip without my boys. And though I missed them, it was so good to be Kristy for a little while instead of Mommy. Though let’s be honest, I went to a conference organized by Clickin Moms and I talked about Kane and Maverick at least once every hour!


My session with Kellie Bieser was all about capturing kids in motion, which is exactly the direction I need to go with Kane and Maverick getting faster and faster! These were shot at Mission San Jose.

1009-Motion-045 1009-Motion-262 1009-Motion-341

The last few days have been filled with sessions. Some were geared to shooting and editing, while others were more inspirational. I am walking away with new ideas to try, a renewed passion for storytelling and seeing connections, and a number of new friendships.


During Jessica Thomason‘s session about family photojournalism, I was drawn to a story that included another photog mom rather than what was happening with the models brought in.


1008-Owen-11008-FamilyPhotojournalism-6 1008-FamilyPhotojournalism-7

As you can see I wasn't the only person interested in this story.

As you can see I wasn’t the only person interested in this story.

But I’m also walking away with a greater commitment to myself and to my family. I know as I go back to teaching I will have to find a balance between time for my boys (Harrison included), time for myself, and time for my photography. I realize that this is going to be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it.


This was shot with my new lensbaby during an extra session that Lauren Mitchell and Jessica Thomason hosted.

The final speaker for the conference was Sue Bryce. Sue happened to be staying on my floor and I was completely starstruck when I ran into her by the elevator. I may have blurted out, “You’re Sue Bryce!” and then continued to babble until she was able to break free of me in the lobby. Embarrassing! I thought I was so much cooler than that!

Anyway, in her amazing presentation, Sue said a number of things that stood out for me. She reminded us to be open to tell our story, which you have probably noticed is pretty important to me. I loved Sue’s comment, “Speak your truth, even if you’re voice shakes.” For those who don’t know me yet, I have included links to some of my previous blog posts where I share truths that make my voice shake. *It is mindblowing to look back through my posts and see how much my photography has improved, though it will always be a work in progress.

Voluntography,    My Heart Warrior,    My Turn…So Soon?,    A New Year A New Challenge,    Let’s Talk,    DITL Stollery Kid

Sue’s biggest take home message was for each of us to write down the answer to one simple question: “What do you want?”

What do I want? I want to tell visual stories. I want to tell my family’s story. I want to tell other family’s stories. I want to have a storytelling photography business. I am going to make that happen. It may not be this year. It may not be next year. But it will happen because I am telling myself and I am telling you.

Oh, and I want to go to Click Away again!!

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