A Day in My Life

Before you jump into my story, here’s a little info about the process I went through to get to this point. On Wednesday I took over 800 shots of what we did. My first time through the photos I culled it down to 175 images. My second time through the photos left me with 94 edited images. I then submitted my gallery to my instructors and peers in my course The Business of Telling Stories. Based on the story I wanted to tell and the feedback from my instructors, I’ve culled it down even further to tell my story.

0930-DITL-Gallery-1 0930-DITL-Gallery-3 0930-DITL-Gallery-4 0930-DITL-Gallery-8 0930-DITL-Gallery-10  0930-DITL-Gallery-12

0930-DITL-Gallery-13 0930-DITL-Gallery-14 0930-DITL-Gallery-16 0930-DITL-Gallery-18 0930-DITL-Gallery-19

0930-DITL-Gallery-150930-DITL-Gallery-20 0930-DITL-Gallery-22 0930-DITL-Gallery-23



Here is an area for improvement. I don’t really have anything that transitions the viewer from my naked kids to being outside in the bike. It’s because I was freaking busy getting these two ready to go, but I need to consciously pick up my camera to ensure that the story makes sense.

0930-DITL-Gallery-29 0930-DITL-Gallery-31

0930-DITL-Gallery-32 0930-DITL-Gallery-33


0930-DITL-Gallery-35 0930-DITL-Gallery-36 0930-DITL-Gallery-37


0930-DITL-Gallery-420930-DITL-Gallery-43 0930-DITL-Gallery-44 0930-DITL-Gallery-45

0930-DITL-Gallery-47 0930-DITL-Gallery-49 0930-DITL-Gallery-50 0930-DITL-Gallery-58

0930-DITL-Gallery-59 0930-DITL-Gallery-60  0930-DITL-Gallery-62 0930-DITL-Gallery-63

0930-DITL-Gallery-64  0930-DITL-Gallery-66 0930-DITL-Gallery-68 0930-DITL-Gallery-69 0930-DITL-Gallery-71 0930-DITL-Gallery-72 0930-DITL-Gallery-73  0930-DITL-Gallery-75 0930-DITL-Gallery-76 0930-DITL-Gallery-780930-DITL-Gallery-84 0930-DITL-Gallery-85 0930-DITL-Gallery-86





0930-DITL-Gallery-88 0930-DITL-Gallery-89 0930-DITL-Gallery-91 0930-DITL-Gallery-92 0930-DITL-Gallery-93

I can still see a number of areas where I can improve, but I also recognize there has been a lot of growth in the three weeks since I began this class. I can’t wait to see how much more I learn in the 2nd half!

And as an aside my blog was just showcased on The Stories We Tell. Head over to Colie’s blog to check out more day in the life sessions from some of the other participants in my course.

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