A Monday in Our Life

My girlfriend, Amber, was in town visiting, so since I had the help I decided to try a Day in the Life session early in the week before I did another one for my Business of Telling Stories week 3 assignment. Some of these were taken on my D700 with a 35mm lens, some on my D90 with a 24-70mm lens, some used a tripod and remote and a couple were taken on my iPhone. This was originally password protected because there was a shot that Harrison didn’t like that I have now removed, but I wanted feedback from my instructors with that shot in it. (P.S. the instructor loved the shot with Harrison in it.) Anyway, expect the password thing to happen again in the next couple of weeks, but know that I will make it public when I’m ready. 0928-Monday-1 0928-Monday-2 0928-Monday-3 0928-Monday-5 0928-Monday-6 0928-Monday-7 0928-Monday-8 0928-Monday-9 0928-Monday-10 0928-Monday-11 0928-Monday-12 0928-Monday-13




0928-Monday-15 0928-Monday-17-2


0928-Monday-18 0928-Monday-19 0928-Monday-20


0928-Monday-21 0928-Monday-22 0928-Monday-23-2 0928-Monday-24 0928-Monday-25

0928-Mondayaddon-4 0928-Monday-26


0928-Monday-27-2 0928-Monday-29 0928-Monday-30 0928-Monday-31 0928-Monday-32 0928-Monday-33 0928-Monday-34 0928-Monday-35I’m consciously working on a couple of things: 1) shooting consistently throughout the day, although our mornings are usually more interesting 2) shooting horizontally more of the time 3) including clocks or routines that clearly show the time of day.

Oh and a big thank you to Amber for wrangling, babysitting, taking a couple of shots with me in them (can you tell which ones?) and drinking wine with me after the lunatics were in bed!

4 thoughts on “A Monday in Our Life

  1. Kristy you have such talent, talent I don’t think you recognize don’t stop keep growing. I’d love to have you and the boys here some summer day, the whales have been around all summer. I can only imagine what you could do with them. I’d love some quilt shots sometime too.

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