This is Life

Week two of The Business of Telling Stories was all about telling a story whether in a series of images or a single image. This is the story I submitted for one of my final assignments. I usually put captions on my photos, but today you get to decide what is going on.


0926-Storytelling-Wk2-053 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-055 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-036 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-087 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-063 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-139 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-110 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-109 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-166 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-077 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-175 0926-Storytelling-Wk2-191

My favourite piece of advice Colie offered this week was to: Capture the moment. Then reflect and modify if needed.

If you would like to see a couple other stories from this week check out Frog Hunt or Week 38 of 52.

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