A Day for the Books


Today…marks 246 days since my dad went missing.

Today…would have been his 59th birthday.

Today…is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Today…my son, Kane, is having surgery.

Today…is a day for the books.

We still don’t know the cause of my dad’s death. We are still waiting for the coroner’s report. But as I said in my speech at his memorial and again on my blog, Let’s Talk, “whatever happened it was not the way a healthy mind would handle the difficulties he was facing.” 

I have been talking about mental health.

Suicide is a mental health issue that definitely needs to be discussed. The following are suggestions of ways you can participate in World Suicide Prevention Day from a US article on The Mighty.

  • Educate yourself about the signs of emotional distress, and be prepared when you see them.
  • Tell someone you’ll see them tomorrow.
  • Get creative and give someone a reason to stay.
  • Do your part to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Canadians may find these two links, World Suicide Prevention Day and Reaching Out and Saving Lives Across Canada, more helpful if they are looking for accurate Canadian information.

I have personally been following Suzanne Sagmeister on Facebook since a friend introduced me to her work. She is a photographer and the founder of Conspiracy of Hope, “an initiative aimed at making frank discussion about suicide more common.” Read more about her and her project in this article from the Daily Herald from 2014.

And the last article I want to bring your attention to is titled, Why I’m Speaking Up About How Suicide is Discussed in the Emergency Room. It is written from the perspective of an ER nurse who is a suicide survivor. It seems particularly poignant to include as I’m writing this blog while sitting in the Stollery Children’s Hospital waiting for the pager to go off to tell us Kane is out of surgery and settled in recovery.  

I will continue to talk about mental health. I hope you do too.

2 thoughts on “A Day for the Books

  1. A difficult day for you today on all aspects of your life. If all our talking gets through to only a few people, even one we have succeeded. You have your mother’s strength.

  2. You are the BESTEST! We love you and support everything you do and care for……Dennis was a fine man and he struggled….how he ever did as well as he did, one wonders! We’re holding darling Kane close to our hearts today and every day. >

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