Week 35 of 52 – Sadness

Strange that this is the week our project 52 group is focusing on sadness. This is the first time I have been up to Cowichan Lake since we were here just after my dad’s memorial service.


It does feel weird being here without him. Kane and Maverick have been keeping my mom and I busy. Particularly, since it’s rained pretty much the whole time we’ve been here. Thank goodness Nana has a stash of toys!

But on Wednesday we decided to head over to the BC Forestry Discovery Centre in Duncan. I have to mention that every time I am at a museum or a historical site or even a cheesy tourist attraction I feel like my dad should be there. My siblings have also mentioned this same feeling. And thinking back we did a lot of those things with my dad. For his birthday last September, I gave him a coupon to spend the day with Kane at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton (which he was able to do). But I had a whole list of places I was going to use for future quality Kane and Grandad time. It was not to be.


As my mom and I were following Kane around (and trying to get him to keep his hood up), I asked her how many times she had already been here, because this would have been right up my dad’s alley. She said, “Never. I think he was saving it to take the grandkids to.” As soon as she said that I knew this was going to be how I framed my project this week. I held it together then, but I’m not holding it together now.

This is my submission to Clickin Moms. I chose this shot of Kane because I feel like he should be holding Grandad Dennis' hand to look at all this cool stuff.

This is my submission to Clickin Moms. I chose this shot of Kane because I feel like he should be holding Grandad Dennis’ hand to look at all this cool stuff.

0902-Trains-002 0902-Trains-004


And a happy snap of Nana and Mav on the train to make you think the emotional part is over...

And a happy snap of Nana and Mav on the train to make you think the emotional part is over…

While in Duncan on Monday, the boys and I hung out at an amazing toy store called The Red Balloon and then headed to  Volume One Bookstore, while Nana registered her new car. These are two more places that Grandad Dennis would have definitely browsed, particularly the book store (really ANY book store!) where he was known to spend hours. While we were there, I bought a book I haven’t seen before by a children’s author who I love named Nancy Tillman.. Her books On the Night You Were Born and Wherever You Are are favourites in our house. Her newest book is titled You’re Here for a Reason. Immediately, it grabbed my attentionI’ve read it to Kane a few times now and my favourite page reads:

Life can be tricky, there isn’t a doubt. You’ll skin your knees trying to figure it out.

But life works together, the good and the bad, the silly and awful, and happy and sad,

to paint a big picture we can’t always see… a picture that needs you, most definitely. 

This book will forever remind me of my dad. I plan to talk about it with both my own kids and my classes. I think everyone needs to hear how important they are and how “the world would be incomplete without [them] in it.

11 thoughts on “Week 35 of 52 – Sadness

  1. So beautifully said…….Dennis is in our hearts and souls and especially while you trek through places that he would have enjoyed with his Grandchildren….

  2. beautiful pictures and emotional words, as always well done. I will be getting that book for all my kids. It so sad that people do not realize how important they are to all.

  3. Thanks Kristy – I was thinking of you all today as I passed the Cathedral with the sun streaming into the huge stained glass front and the doors open for the evening communion service. That space you talk about – the space you evoke so well in your photos – will always be there and you will insert your love and memories again and again. It doesn’t get easier, but it does change over time. Take care and know that others are helped and moved by your words, your thoughts and your pictures. Blessings.

  4. Kristy, I am deeply moved! I am going to get that book too. The love you hold for your Dad, and share with your boys shines through every frame and and every word…

  5. This speaks to me and I’m sure, many others too. I’ve taken my grandkids to the Forestry Museum and other attractions and it’s sad to think about Dennis not being with your family anymore to enjoy these simple pleasures. Fortunately you have a strong family unit to support one another and particularly your Mum’s strength and endurance is admirable. God Bless.

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