Week 25 of 52 – Mulligan

Next week marks the halfway point in my Clickin Moms Project 52 for this year. Our task this week was to show how far we’ve come by attempting a shot we’ve done before. Likely, most people, will choose one of the assignments from this year, but I decided to create a shot of Maverick that is similar to a shot I have of Kane. I have been waiting to use Maverick’s wooden block in a mini session and this week provided the perfect opportunity. Both boys received a wooden block with their first initial, their full names, their birth date, as well as some other details on them. The following is the original shot of Kane playing with this block at 6 months old way back in 2013 (around the time I started my blog!)



And here’s Maverick at 7 months!

This is my mulligan submission.

This is my mulligan submission.

When I compare Maverick’s shoot with Kane’s shoot the biggest thing I notice is how much I have moved towards documentary style photography. I try to include more of the environment in each photo so that my viewer gets more of a feeling of the story. I am also completely disgusted with how I cropped Kane’s shot! Below is the difference between what I did two years ago and what I would do now.

 0522-Kane-005-2      0522-Kane-005

The day I did these photos Maverick hit the seven month mark, so I added in a few blocks.

Well behaved.

Well behaved.

More realistic.

More realistic.


Reality! It’s definitely harder to keep these blocks away from him now!

Check out what Justyna did for her mulligan.

3 thoughts on “Week 25 of 52 – Mulligan

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  2. I love these photos! Documentary is clearly a strength of yours. My husband actually took a trip around our little blog circle this week and he loved them too.

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