Bon Voyage

My youngest sister and her fiancee were just in Edmonton for a visit. Kane and Maverick loved hanging out with their Auntie Natalie and Uncle Steve. We kept them busy and probably were amazing birth control!

Relaxing with Maverick.

Relaxing with Maverick.

Playdoh with Kane.

Playdoh with Kane.

Natalie and Steve made a stop to see us before leaving to travel around Europe and Asia for a year. We had planned to do an engagement/going away shoot during their time with us. So, while my neighbour’s daughter was babysitting, we snuck away and got some awesome shots!



0521-N&S-11 0521-N&S-100521-N&S-19


This one is my favourite!

This one is my favourite!

Before we dropped them off at the airport in Calgary for their big adventure, we got some cute travel shots that Natalie had wanted to try.



I’m really looking forward to following their adventures. Natalie and Steve, I expect I will be jealous every time I read a new post!

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