Week 19 of 52 – Architecture

Argh, another genre that I have to put a lot of thought into. When I mentioned to my husband, Harrison, that this week’s Clickin Moms assignment was to incorporate architecture, he immediately mentioned an old pulley system they have in their service department. So Kane, Maverick, and I took a little trip to Edmonton Motors.


Maverick was in the baby carrier (which makes shooting a little more challenging) and Harrison had Kane locked in an office with him so I could shoot! Here are a couple of my favourites:




I submitted the final two photos to Clickin Moms for this week because I like the contrast of how things are done today when compared with the past. I also think this is special because Edmonton Motors celebrates 90 years in business this year. Pretty amazing, Harrison is a fourth generation car dealer.

Follow along with our blog circle to see what Justyna chose to shoot.

2 thoughts on “Week 19 of 52 – Architecture

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