Voluntography – April 2015

This little warrior has just hit the 100 day milestone in the Royal Alex NICU!


Katana Grace was born on January 21st at 24 weeks gestation. Being fifteen weeks premature, she weighed only 1 lb. 6 oz. When I met her last week she was up to 4 lbs!


Proud parents Christina and Benjamin.

Proud parents Christina and Benjamin

I particularly love shooting Ronald McDonald House families at the Royal Alex because it’s where my son, Kane, spent his first 54 days. Those oh-so-comfortable nursing chairs and the array of lines bring back a lot of memories. But joking aside, the NICU was the best possible place for Kane and I’m sure Christina and Benjamin feel the same way. The staff at the NICU taught me a lot and I am so glad I am able to give back to parents through my photography and peer support.

At ... weeks, Katana had open heart surgery to repair her PDA just like her mama.

At four weeks, Katana had open heart surgery to repair her PDA, just like her mama.

Love the way Katana is gripping her Mom's shirt in this shot.

Love the way Katana is gripping her Mom’s shirt in this shot.

On March 12, Katana also had surgery to repair part of her intestines because of an earlier bout of Necrotizing Enterocolitis. She now has a temporary ostomy and is due to have surgery to reverse it in mid June. If you would like to know more about Katana, see how far this little warrior has come, or continue to follow her journey please visit her Facebook page: Katana Grace Preterm Page.

Daddy love

Daddy love

And Grandma Debbie love : )

And Grandma Debbie love : ) 

I'm so glad I was able to come take photos while Debbie was still visiting from California.

I’m so glad I was able to come take photos while Debbie was still visiting from California.



Katana it was great to meet you and your family. You are one tough little girl. Keep growing and learning to breastfeed and then get out and enjoy the world!

6 thoughts on “Voluntography – April 2015

  1. I have had the beautiful privilege of watching this story of amazing blessings unfold since momma was first admitted, I have held my breath, cried my eyes out, prayed 10 fold and crossed every finger and every toe in hopes that Katana would survive and bless her family with love and I feel so blessed to be accepted into this journey even just through Facebook! Katana I am soooo proud of you for being such an amazing, strong spirited little trooper through all of this and such an inspiration to mommies every where that have only had a hope and dream to hang on to. Mommy and Daddy you have proven to be the most strong, patient and deserving Parents I can say I am proud to have watched and been apart of such an incredible journey and am so thankful that your new beginning of being a family at home is so soon to follow! Bless you all and sending so much love and more prayers!!!

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