Week 17 of 52 – Food Photography

This week our assignment was to shoot food. As you may have noticed, I am not particularly fond of stylized shoots. Don’t get me wrong, I think stylized shoots look awesome. They just don’t fit my style of photography (or my life!!)

I have been (slowly) working through Kirsten Lewis’ Creative Live class, Family Photography: Modern Storytelling, which I absolutely love!! I find I am leaning more towards documentary style shoots both for my own projects and for others. The morning these photos were taken I was sitting at our dining table and Kane was at his new picnic table (which has since been moved outside because he is not capable of sitting and eating when there are so many other things to do!) My camera happened to be sitting on the table, so I grabbed it and just started shooting what was happening. This is our life.


This was my submission to Clickin Moms. Kane has a bit of a love hate relationship with eggs.

Love this kid!

Love this kid!

Though, I also ended up submitting this shot of a chai cupcake from Remedy Cafe, because it feels more like “food photography”.


Follow our blog circle to see how Nancy incorporated food into her photography.

3 thoughts on “Week 17 of 52 – Food Photography

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  2. I feel similarly, and I think documentary photography that includes food should be a subset of food photography. You’ll see that’s the direction I took on my assignment this week too. 🙂

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