Week 16 of 52 – Street Photography

Jessica Singleton of Clickin Moms began our assignment instructions this week by saying “Now we’re going to explore a variety of genres of photography. Why? Because we can’t knock it until we try it. How will you know you “can’t” do something or “don’t like it” until you’ve actually tried it?…There is a distinct possibility you will feel uncomfortable at least once in the next few weeks. There is the potential that you will never want to revisit some of these genres: Awesome…I’m not asking you to like it, I’m asking you to try it.”

This week we are working on street photography. Street photography is generally a more candid genre, which I like. Though street photography with kiddos in tow can be tough because the camera is the least important thing to bring on a walk and you only have so many hands! But here are some shots from our walk on Sunday.


Random stranger stepped into my shot at the perfect time. This is my submission to Clickin Moms.


Spring in Alberta


We’ll get there!

Then after the boys nap we headed back outside and I set up my D90 with a 35mm lens on the stairs, grabbed my remote and tried to capture the promised shots of me and my boys while incorporating this week’s theme. I ended up with what looked like a story.










My aperture was set to f/16 and my focus point was on the tree. I was just hoping to get shots of whatever unfolded once Kane got on his bike. I would have loved to have clearer shots, but I’ll take what I can get!


I love that Mav is checking out what Kane is doing too!


Had to blow this one up even if it isn’t super crisp.

 Follow our blog circle to see how Amanda incorporated street photography into her week.

3 thoughts on “Week 16 of 52 – Street Photography

  1. Nice timing for him to walk into your shot!
    I love that you have a nice set of story shots with Kane on his bike. You will all cherish those down the road. I need to get in more shots with my kiddo.

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