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Recently, I stopped by my school (where I teach when I’m not on maternity leave) to thank the staff for their messages, cards, and gifts; both for Maverick’s birth and my dad’s passing. One of my fellow junior high teachers came over to tell me that my Let’s Talk blog inspired her to have a discussion and create a bulletin board with her grade nine students.


Let’s end the stigma of mental illness!

I had the foresight to snap a photo with my iPhone, so I could talk about it on my blog. My favourite student quotes were:

  • Different is the new normal
  • It is okay to not be okay
  • We shouldn’t have to suffer in silence for fear of judgement and rejection

I also love that underneath the bulletin board there is a poster for NeedHelpNow.ca and a list of Social Media “rules” to consider before posting online.

T          Is it true?

H         Is it helpful?

I           Is it inspiring?

N         Is it necessary?

K         Is it kind?

I think these rules apply to life in general, not just social media. I want to thank the staff at my school for continuing to talk about mental health and for introducing our students to supports they can access. Below, I have compiled a few links specifically for kids and teens.

Kids Help Phone

Mental Health and Getting Help tip sheet

Canadian Mental Health Association – Children, Youth & Depression

Canadian Mental Health Association – Youth & Self-Injury

If you have any other resources for kids and youth, please comment below and I will check them out.

3 thoughts on “Spread the Love

  1. The Anxietybc website has some great resources as well as the Force society for kids mental health (force society.com) and heysigmund.com

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