Week 10 of 52 – Photographer’s Choice

This week is our first photographer’s choice for my Project 52 through Clickin Moms. Last year, we were assigned to choose our own theme a few different times. Last year, I also took on a Me and my Kids Project, where I had to get in the frame every month. I did manage to do it for all twelve months, but not all the photos were taken by me. I captured January through June, September and December.

01-Me&MyKid-1 02-Me&MyKid-1 03-Me&MyKid-104-Me&MyKid-1 05-Me&MyKid-1 06-Me&MyKid-207-Me&MyKid-2 08-Me&MyKid-1 09-Me&MyKid-1 10-Me&MyKid-1 11-Me&MyKid-1 12-Me&MyKid-1

So, this year I’m committing to getting a self-portrait of me with my boys each time we have a photographer’s choice week. My first go and I even managed to get a shot of each of them separately and then together. You should have seen the meltdown Kane had when I put the camera remote away!

 0310-Boys-003     0310-Boys-011


This is my submission for this week.

I shot in manual mode using my Nikon D90 with my 35mm 1.4 lens and a remote. My settings were ISO 3200, f/8.0, 1/80 sec. It’s grainier than I would like, but making all these things happen at the same time as keeping two kids happy was a challenge! I would normally change a really grainy photo to black and white, but I liked the colour version much better. Just a side note: the canvas behind us is one of my favourite photos of Kane. I took it at Goldstream Park when he was six months. Three month old Maverick is almost out of that same onesie.

Next up is Rose. This is her first week as a member of our blog circle and I’m looking forward to seeing some of her work.

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