Week 8 of 52 – Low Light

This week our assignment was to capture a great photo with minimal light. Our little family decided to get away to Canmore this past weekend so we were staying in a hotel. The two boys were sleeping in our room with us and when I went in to check on them I couldn’t resist getting out my camera.

Milk drunk

Milk drunk

Kane's floor bed

Kane’s floor bed. Love this shot of him totally passed out.

But, of course, the shutter clicking over and over woke Mav up.

But, of course, the shutter clicking over and over woke Mav up.

At some point in the night, Kane decided to join the rest of the family in the big bed (and stay awake for two hours!!) But I love this shot of him the next morning. Can’t decide whether I like it more in colour or black and white, so I submitted both to Clickin Moms. It was shot in manual mode on my D90 with a 35mm 1.4 lens. My settings were ISO 3200, f/1.8, 1/60 sec. When shooting with low light, your ISO tends to be quite high which is why you can see so much grain in these photos. I find I like grain more in B&W shots, but something about the colour edition grabbed me too.

0221-Bed-043    0221-Bed-043-2

This is last year's low light shot.

This is my low light submission for last year. Click here to see last year’s post.

And my perseverance paid off, I got a couple shots of Maverick’s toothless grin!



Next up in our blog circle is Drea.

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