Matchmaker Love

This post is specifically thanking all those people who responded to my Let’s Talk post with recommendations of particular counsellors and psychologists in Edmonton. Two completely unrelated people, one who knows me and another who doesn’t, actually contacted one psychologist to tell her my story.  They thought we would be a good match for a variety of reasons. We both  work with youth who have learning disabilities. We are both moms of two young kids. And we both have  a passion for photography. Seemed like as good a place to start off as any.

So I did my research. I checked out her website. I reviewed her professional qualifications. Then I gave her a call. That is actually when I found out the second person had contacted her about me. She immediately made it very clear that her style is blunt and to the point. She warned me not everyone can handle that. Well, this girl can. She also told me that she often asks her clients to complete homework. Again, this girl can. What kind of teacher would I be if I could dish out homework to my students, but couldn’t handle it myself!? End result: we set up an initial appointment.

The initial appointment was a few days ago.  Some might call it an interview. We both were trying to determine if we would work well together. After the formalities of confidentiality were out of the way, I told her about my dad going missing and what happened after. I told her about what I am doing to deal with my Dad’s death. I told her things I have already shared with family and friends. I told her things I haven’t talked about with anyone, but have been thinking about. I talked a lot. Surprising, I know!

She did get a few words in…alright…more than a few words. She asked questions for clarification. She challenged me to think deeper. She provided feedback about what she was hearing. She offered suggestions about where we might go from here. She said “our time is up” and then continued to talk with me for another 15 minutes. She made a great impression.

I think a match was made.  We scheduled another appointment. Thank you to my matchmakers, you definitely took some of the guesswork out of finding a good counsellor.

If you are looking for a counsellor in Alberta the following is a link to help you get started

2 thoughts on “Matchmaker Love

  1. Kristi these are angels sent to us, it matters not how they get to us or us to them, what matters is you got together, keep it going.

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