Voluntography – February 2015

Unfortunately, because the last few months have been a little crazy, my voluntography for Ronald McDonald House families has had to take a backseat. I was scheduled to shoot this family back in late December when Maverick ended up in hospital with RSV. Mom, Shannon, was incredibly understanding, as I find most parents with a medical child tend to be! We were finally able to re-schedule last week and I think the session turned out wonderfully, even though Miss Safiya was not very impressed with having a camera in her face!

Safiya just started walking.

Safiya just started walking.

Sixteen month old Safiya is a heart warrior. She was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia, pulmonary atresia and a ventricular septal defect at birth. She has had two of her three surgeries; the first one taking place at just seven days old.


Safiya’s Heart Heroes cape just showed up recently and was the perfect prop for the shoot.

I love the light in this shot.

I love the light in this shot.





When Safiya was born, her family lived in Fort McMurray and had to stay at RMHNA for two months. Since then they have moved to Edmonton and have a goal of providing one Home for Dinner each month. With the support of the Muslim community, the Swenia family hope to raise $700 each month. Please visit their website for more information.

Safiya with her brothers, Jibril and Ayoub.

Safiya with her brothers, Jibril and Ayoub.


And with Dad, Hassan.

And with Dad, Hassan.

Rice krispie treats were an important prop during this shoot!

Rice krispie treats were a necessary evil during this shoot!

Home for Dinner  is a program that provides families staying at the RMH with an opportunity to enjoy a meal together as a family. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather a group of 6-10 people
  2. Bring in ingredients and prepare a meal of your choice (enough for about 40-60 people)
  3. Enjoy the food with our new RMHNA family and tour the House
  4. Clean up


If this is of interest to you please check out Home for Dinner for more information or sign up here.



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