Project 52 2015

One of my  photography goals this year is to complete another Project 52 through Clickin Moms. In order to stay on track I decided to join a blog circle. Our weekly theme is posted on Thursdays and my blog will go up the following Wednesday to coincide with the other members of the blog circle. At the end of each P52 blog you will find a link to another member’s blog, just as someone else in our circle will have linked to my blog.

Before I post my first image of 2015, I thought I would showcase my completed Project 52 from 2104.

Wk1-You-021 Wk2-HouseonFire-014 Wk3-Favourite-11 Wk4-YourTown-5 Wk5-Candid-1

Wk6-Directional-Light-1 Wk7-Backlight-1 Wk8-Low-Light-1 Wk9-Choice-1 Wk10-AlternativeLight-1

Wk11-NegativeSpace-1 Wk12-RuleofThirds-3 Wk13-CentredComp-2 Wk14-Food-1-2

Wk15-Street-1 Wk16-Landscape-1 Wk17-Choice-1 Wk18-LeadingLines-1

Wk19-Rhythm-1 Wk20-Perspective-1 Wk21-Contrast-2

Wk22-HighKey-1 Wk23-LowKey-1

Wk24-Choice-1 Wk25-SlowDown-1-2 Wk26-Mulligan-2 Wk27-RedWhiteBlue-1 Wk28-Shadows-1 Wk29-Water-1

Wk30-Hot-1 Wk31-Cold?-1 Wk32-Choice-1 Wk33-Peace-1 Wk34-Chaos-1 Wk35-Quote-1

Wk36-Lyrics-001 Wk37-PhotographersChoice-1 Wk38-SelflessSelfie-1

Wk39-DetailsOverlooked-1 Wk40-Abstract-1 Wk41-Autumn-1

Wk43-Auto-1 Wk44-AutoRedo-1 Wk45-PhotographersChoice-1 Wk46-Gratitude-1 Wk47-Repetition-1

Wk48-Reflection-1 Wk49-Isolation-1 Wk50-PhotogChoice-1 Wk51-ISpy-1 Wk52-TheEnd-1

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for…

Week 1: You: A Self-Portrait


This shot of my son, Maverick, and I was taken at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. We are home and healthy now, but if you are interested in finding out more about what happened with Maverick visit my post One Way to Kick-off 2015. The shot was taken using my Nikon D90 with my 35mm 1.4 lens. My settings were ISO 2000, f/5.0, 1/60 sec and I controlled the camera by remote, which you can see in my hand. Still working on being sneaky!

Some of our themes from 2014 will be repeated this year, so on those weeks I will also share last year’s shot. Below is my older son, Kane, and I. He had just come home after heart surgery. We obviously don’t have a lot of luck around the holidays! To learn more about his story go to My Heart Warrior.


Next up in our blog circle is Trish Kozola of Autumn Leaves Photography.

11 thoughts on “Project 52 2015

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  2. Glad that you’re home and healthy. Love your selfie – I’ve struggled with the remote too, need to see if I can get the timer thingy to work! Nothing ever just works!

  3. Glad he’s home and well again! I love your hospital selfie. My son had his first cleft palate surgery at 11 months, so hospital pictures alwys bring that back to me. My mom took lots of pictures for me since I wasn’t up to it, and I am so glad to have them since they are a part of his story, too.

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