A New Year, A New Challenge

It’s crazy how fast you settle into a routine. We’ve been at the Stollery Children’s Hospital with Maverick for four nights because he was diagnosed with RSV. Read more about what happened in my previous post, One Way to Kick-off 2015.

Thursday's visit

Big brother, Kane’s Thursday visit

Playing doctor

Playing doctor

Daddy feeding Maverick

Daddy feeding Maverick

A couple of shots of things that NICU moms would remember!

0101-Mav-013           0101-Mav-073

Maverick resting peacefully before his bath

Maverick resting peacefully before his bath

Not so impressed

Not so impressed

But once he's in this position he's all good!

But once he’s in this position, he’s all good!

In 2014, I completed my first project 52, which involved a different photography project each week as posted by Jessica Singleton on Clickin Moms. This year, our Week 1 project is to shoot a selfie. The photo I submitted last year for this same project can be seen in my post 2014 Challenge. Below are a couple shots I took today using my D90 with my 35mm 1.4 lens and the help of a remote.

Checking the monitors

Checking the monitors

0102-Mav-055   0102-Mav-057


Snuggled with Mom in his Moby wrap

I’m still not sure which one I will submit. Any thoughts?

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