Baby Boy Bakery

This afternoon I was watching Ellen, a guilty pleasure of mine, and a possibility now that I am home on maternity leave. On today’s show Ellen showcased a story about a woman who writes a baking blog and has recently lost her son. I was working on the photos for my blog and only half listening, but this story caught my attention. I think it first caught my attention because Ellen was trying to keep it together. I wrote down the blog: baby boy bakery.

Fast forward to 2:47 in the morning. I am nursing three week old Maverick and I remember the blog. Good idea? Yes and no. Jacqui, Ryan’s mom, is amazing!! She truly is inspirational. She writes about what it is like to lose her son, how she feels, how she continues living “wild and loud”, how she and her husband, Dan, want their son to be proud of them and what that means for their lives. It was a bad idea to read the blog because its now 4:16 in the morning, Maverick is sleeping (in his own bed!!) while I’m wiping away tears and writing a blog after reading Jacqui’s most recent 26 posts.

Tomorrow I plan to take photos of Maverick. I plan to get red balloons. Kane loves to play with balloons, just like Ryan. Kane loves to watch videos of himself, just like Ryan. I plan to take photos and videos of Kane playing with the red balloons. I love to take photos, just like Jacqui. I am a mom, just like Jacqui.

Jacqui’s blog has really touched me. It’s one of those things that you come across at exactly the right time. I am just starting my role as a family mentor for parents with kids in the Stollery Children’s Hospital here in Edmonton. I hope I don’t need to share baby boy bakery with any of the parents I talk with, but I’m prepared if I do. Her story reminded me again to enjoy every moment with my boys and take lots of photos! It also reminded me again of why I take photos for families staying at Ronald McDonald House.

I will update this post with our photo session later. For now I’m posting and based on the goat sounds coming from my room I think Maverick might be hungry again; a chance to spend time cuddling with one of my boys when I need it.

Thank you for sharing, Jacqui.


December 18th: I had a chance to shoot some photos today, but not surprisingly the balloons are still on my to do list. The following show some of the many faces of Maverick.






I even got a couple shots of Kane opening his Playmobil advent calendar.

1219-Xmas-10      1219-Xmas-13


2 thoughts on “Baby Boy Bakery

  1. thanks for sharing with all of us. I have several friends who have lost children and will pass blog on to them….You are the Greatest! Aunt Betsy

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